February 20, 2009

Peak 3 & Why I like AT

Carvable sastrugi.

Telemark and rugged touring systems are essential for the complete skiers' quiver, but AT surely has its place on days like today on Peak 3. AT was very helpful today, but it was not the ultimate gear.

Crampons would have been the ticket today on Peak 3 (plus perhaps an ice axe). I did my best to dig my edges in on the ascent, but still I fell and slid on the icy snow at the summit. Semi-controlled sliding on my $&& was a little unsettling, knowing that sharp rockage lay below. No permanent damage resulted in my little fall, mainly a bruised ego.

Peak 3 was blustery with hard snow, but I still loved it. Which philosopher asked if to feel pleasure, one must feel pain? Peak 3 was painful this afternoon with what felt like 60 mph winds and very hard, icy conditions. But there were spindrifted places to make soft turns and it was enjoyable, even with a minor escapade.

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