February 8, 2009

Peak Five - Chugach State Park

Canyon Road is the place for a day tripper short on time. Just beyond Upper DeArmoun, Canyon Road awaits the quick tripper.

Dr. Snow needed some exercise, so off we went to the high point they called Peak 5. Chugach State Park rangers led the way. The rangers said they were keeping us safe (sanding the road would be a better use of state park $). Doc got his exercise and we got our powder ... a taste anyway. Although the snow didn't make the upper quartile on the Jack scale, it was a quite enjoyable afternoon.

Dust on crust doesn't quite describe the conditions. It was a an inch of fluff, or two or three, on wind pack. It was worth the trip; it is a short trip after all. It's a worthy classic Anchorage Front Range experience. Another 6" will make Canyon Road a must ski.

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