December 26, 2008

Powder Palooza Snowcat

Chugach Powder Guides cat trail to the Notch and Sunnyside is well set just north of the Alyeska Resort. Mike Overcast and crew took our party of 10 on a powder palooza. It's always fun skiing with Overcast because he knows his business, knows the terrain, and knows the people. He gives concise instructions in a relaxed but efficiently serious manner. We got a before-dawn start, not too difficult at our latitude on 26-Dec, but nevertheless we got off to a good start.

Beacon instructions before loading, then chugged up the trail about 3 miles up to the "base meadow" where the trail tilts significantly. CPG has set cat trails up both Sunnyside and Notch Mountain. Both had exquisite snow protected from the wind and no tracks.

We had a great party of 10 with a common friend; 9 two-plankers plus 1 knuckledragger. The terrain suits either, and George on his single board happily handled the few flat spots. George, L Dubya, Kruser, All Hike Mike, Markman, Joe, Turk, CD, Chris Dubya, & yours truly had a fine time, but with an unfortunate reminder of one very, very sore disk that unexpectedly cropped up.

Ray expertly manuevered the Bombardier. Mike & Mike guided us to the sweet snow. Thanks to Kruser for images.

Lots of smiles.

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