December 12, 2008


Terrific snowpack is developing in Girdwood Valley with the opening of Alyeska's North Face this week super early in the season. Still pockets of untracked can be found on lower 1/2 of North Face 2 days after the latest storm.

Dr. Snow caught up with Kruser & yours truly. Made a few runs with co-workers. Saw a lot of the Tram crowd, but Mark and Marcy weren't around - I heard Marcy had a foot problem; if that's the case, hope it heals up soon!

Excellent day of skiing had a sad ending as a fatal accident happened on the Seward Highway just west of Girdwood. A lot of people crash on the Seward Highway - Maybe the aggro drivers should take it down a notch, and the super slow drivers that stack up traffic behind them should pick it up a bit. We all need to be vigilant on the Seward Highway.

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