December 31, 2008

21 Below

If you think in absolute terms, ain't no thing, 439 Rankine. Well, 21F above zero (481R) is a lot more pleasant than 21F below zero. With the 21F below at Pete's Creek (Johnson) Trailhead, yours truly was totally worthless and weak with a total skin failure and no tape. Plus I missed the 'normal' up trail and followed a way less than optimal up track. Other than that, we had a great time on Pete's.

Robb was great - didn't berate me once (out loud, anyway). I'm sure it's just the thing he wanted to do, stand around in subzero therms while I repeatedly tried to rejuvenate my skins. 200 vertical feet, fail, rejuvenate 100 vert fail, and so on until it was futile. Thanks to my skin ineptitude, we made it almost to timber line, big day. As I blog this, freshly added glue is curing on my skins. One too many trips before reapplying the glue.

It was good to ski with Robb, even with my double skin failure frustrations. Always amazed at Robb's ability - even just after rehabbing a four fracture foot/ankle/tibia/fibia problem. Fixed-heel me couldn't keep up with free-heeled Robb on the descent.
Frozen eyelids!

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