February 5, 2011

Sunny 4068

We were shown the way by the brilliant sun.  Climbing upward to the great white expanse, knowing not what we would find there, we were called by its brilliance.

Beckoned by it, we were drawn to it, warmed by it, blinded by it.
We found good skiing with boot top snow, slightly wind affected in places and sparkling smoke in the swales.  The +13F temperature at the parking area felt much warmer on the incline reflecting the warm sunshine.  Light wind on the ridge in the afternoon, but otherwise calm. 

A State Parks Ranger told us the area was closed to motorized vehicles.  We saw and smelled an outlaw pair riding a single, loud 2-cycle snow machine.  One carried a snowboard. 
Geno and BettyJane found the untracked experience in the sun.

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