February 19, 2011

Pete's Lil Tincan

"Ay-eet!", she blurted, repeating in two syllables the my answer, eight.  After hearing my response to her question about the headcount of the oncoming party, she wasn't happy.  Both shocked and chagrined, her voice revealed what her forced smile belied.  Her voice with a tragic tone said it all:  Pete's North powder will be pulverized.  I gave an equally forced smile and knowingly nodded as if to say, "what is the world coming to?".  Her party didn't stay long.

It wasn't a mere eight snow riders oncoming, it was more like a twenty souls seeking Pete's North powder.  At the end of the day, the safest alpine area on Pete's looked like Tincan on a popular day, totally tracked out with mogul precursors.  But, DP and I certainly found our untracked lines throughout the day in fabulously rich powder. 

The sunny skies were energizing, but the steady wind took its toll over the day and worked the ridge top into sastrugi.  Single digit temperatures on the summit ridge, 20F at the parking area.  Sloughs on the steeper terraine ran a long ways, the longest ran from the ridge top to the valley floor.  We observed a lot of natural releases on the east facing slopes on the motorized side of the road.

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