February 4, 2011

Highly Recommended: Chugach State Park

Sunny skies, calm air, fresh snow.
Near Point View Point
Temperatures were in the high teens in the shadows, felt much warmer in the sunshine.  The 10" snowfall earlier in the week settled to a blissful boot-top.  The snowfall was warm, then the clear and cold skies overnight pulled moisture from the fresh snow up toward the surface where hoar frost crystals formed. 

Skiing was excellent on Backdoor Trail, Wolverine and Near Point in Chugach State Park.  There is some great touring in the Anchorage Front Range.  The rugged touring/light telemark worked perfectly in today's tour with plenty of turns.
Lost Cabin Valley Trail
I've never found the 'Lost Cabin'.  Chugach State Park is a jewel.

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