November 12, 2010

Turnagain Surprise

What a surprise!  Driving along Turnagain Arm in a downpour, we hoped that the snow line was not too high.  Sure enough, a couple of hundred vertical feet below the Tincan parking area, big flakes were falling.  But, the big surprise was what we found at Tincan - a bit of blue sky. 

Nothing short of an excellent outcome, far, far beyond expectations was the blue sky.  It was so good, I couldn't leave.  Kruser, mw and yours truly sloshed down the Seward Highway to the famous pass.  In the mid afternoon, we found Dante and I made a lap with him as Kruser and mw met their early commitments.  Deep powder made the deep fatigue feel so good.

Blogotography:  Kruser & AKJack

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