February 14, 2010

Alaskan in New England

Visiting Williamstown cured my curiosity. The Berkshires are enchanting, rich with history, poor in snow, and the people are very friendly. But, my sunshine is where this lovely young lady resides.

Bromley Mountain was where I reached the highest elevation east of the Mississippi in my life time. Departed Williamstown this morning planning to ski Stratton, but came upon Bromley, found a trailhead, and off I went on rugged touring/light telemarking gear. Skinned a gradual ascent from VT Highway 11 to Bromley summit where it was a bit breezy.

The hardwood forest was not totally foreign, but not common terraine for yours truly. The snow was good, 4" fluff on a base that varied from firm to soft. It was a most enjoyable adventure. Some nice folks kept me pointed in the right direction, and I managed to find my way back.

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Dante said...

Alright Jack, hitting it from the get-go. Sorry the east isn't giving you some better snow.