March 6, 2009

Wolverine AnthropoScene

Humans have clearly affected the earth, and Paul Crutzen defined the era, but its outcome is difficult to imagine.

Whether our present lifestyle and population density can be sustained is a major question. And, even though a minimum carbon footprint ski day using Backdoor Trail to access the mountains without using an internal combustion engine was nice, it did not give me a holier-than-thou feeling because our place requires a lot of btu's and juice to make it comfortable. Thank goodness for that clean-burning Cook Inlet natural gas!

Wolverine above timberline was blustery with big plumes blowing off the ridge lines. But, those mega-plumes did not affect on the creamy snow below timberline. Beautiful sunshine, excellent snow, and a new line made my anthropocene contemplation fade away.

Backdoor Trail was faster today. I took my camera, but left the memory card plugged in the computer at home. So, I cannot give you images of what Doc called a "Robbie Trail." I don't believe it was intended as such, but I took that description of Backdoor as quite a compliment. Near Point and Wolverine Trails were exceptional! Snowpack is a bit thin for late winter, but the skiing was GREAT! And the new line I found on Wolverine was great, too. If you can't stand a little bushwhacking, the down route (blue) might not be for you.

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