March 5, 2009

Lazyman Loppet

Doc and yours truly skied from Glen Alps to Stuckagain, thanks to the shuttling by our better halves. Photographrette dropped us off, and Cinder brought us back, with exceptional skiing in between. With the wind at our backs, we skied the storm!

A little storm brewed and blew from Powerline Pass down Campbell Creek while we skied Lazyman. We were fortunately skiing with the wind.

Anchorage Hillside offers some great trails in Chugach State Park. We enjoyed a couple of inches fresh powdery snow on the Middle Fork Loop and Near Point Trails (east of Campbell Creek). The snow pack seemed thin, but it provided adequate coverage for great skiing.

The Lazyman starts at about 2250 ft el, and descends to 800 ft el, with about 450 ft climbing and a gross descent of 1900 vertical feet over 6. 5 miles. Pretty easy skiing. But, we added a level of difficulty by starting in a blizzard and ending in the dark. A great trip - highly recommended.

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Chugach Man said...

Good ol' photographette!