March 28, 2009

Fresh Four

Last week's chinook was replaced with spring snow; about four fresh inches accumulated on the Anchorage Hillside. After sending off our pride and joy, our uber kid, the perfect child back to college this morning, then some heartbroken moping, and with volcanic ash from Mt. Redoubt blowing elsewhere, skiing Near Point's fresh four was necessary.

Near Point, in the background above the homestead, looked whiter than it really is. The upper 500 feet were extremely boney, not worth returning. Near Point alpine was generally difficult, either rocks or sastrugi lurked beneath the four fresh. Below the brush line skied OK with mashed potato-like glop on southern aspects, and soft powder on western aspects. The Near Point tilted terraine has been better, but Near Point Trail presently has exceptional touring conditions. North-facing aspects are still great above 1500 ft, and slightly crunchy beneath the fresh 4" at lower elevations.
South facing slope
West facing slopes had good snow, but north facing slopes are the best.

Near Point Trail

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