June 29, 2008

Happy Trails, Bike Trails

Hillary and AK Jack biked through the heart of the Anchorage Big Wild Life http://www.bigwildlife.net/

Situated in urban Alaska, the Chester Creek paved trail runs through some truly wild lands populated by moose, bear, beaver, and lots of birds and small mammals. Chester Creek Trail networks with the Coastal Trail to the west and Far North Bicentennial Park and Chugach State Parks on the east, and provides a wonderful non-motorized east-west artery though the heart of Anchorage.

Looking west at the west end of Chester Creek Trail with Hillary, our heroine.

Heading east, upstream toward East Anchorage.

Some of the 'big wild life' and the not-so-big and not-so-wild life at our Stuckagain place.

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