July 9, 2008

Frank Rome

Frank Rome taught me a lot, including how to ski, a little more than 26 seasons back. He was as energizing as he was energetic. I was very, very fortunate to have enjoyed his company those many seasons ago.

Frank had been a patroller at Arapahoe Basin and he was an exceptional outdoorsman. Always fit, he was a go, go guy. We worked together at Prudhoe Bay, and as a young man new to the north country, I yearned to ride the boards like Frank.

Frank was a great skier, and I was unskilled, but young and enthusiastic. He was a captivating story-teller and so fun to be around, and I was a bumpkin, but happy to listen and absorb it all. And, he was the perfect coach - 18 years my elder, but really cool, and I was the junior, the earnest student.

When I think of Frank, I think of his two sons, Neil & Nick, his lovely wife, Annemarie and how Frank loved life.

Now, Frank is gone, and I am ...
feeling sad for losing Frank,
regretting that I let all those years go by without contacting my skimeister,
and, maybe feeling a little sorry for myself, because as he taught me so well, this wonderful life on earth is a precious gift, and Frank's passing is a sad reminder that this wonderful gift is finite for all of us.

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