November 7, 2015

Tin Can Infantry

Tincan Mountain, a skiers' place. Good snow in November is a good bet at Tincan, the most popular backcountry ski touring area in southcentral Alaska. Exceptional snow quality, sunny skies, and mostly calm wind put smiles on every Tincan skier's face on Nov. 7, 2015.
Old School Route
With so many people embarking from the 'normal' Tincan trailhead, yours truly opted for the slightly longer, somewhat older route. There was a time when the 'old school' route was the normal way up Tincan, but that was 30 years ago. 
Tincan Infantry
The Tincan infantry marched up the mountain in a great skin track. Later in the day, the boot packing crowd showed up and just pulverized the skin track.
Tincan Tracks
The Tincan infantry attacked the 'common' bowl and tracked it out. If you don't want to ski tracks, skin a little further and find solitude and the untracked experience.  


Old School Trail Home
One Last Look
This was one of the eastern-most lines, perhaps the eastern-most line on Tincan south face that I have ever skied. After solo skiing a few short laps in the south-facing bowl, I skinned and booted up the rocky ridge on looker's right in the photo above, and made the summit ridge near the entrance to north facing Todd's Bowl. Skiing the early season Tincan snowpack was dreamlike; the top layers were cold and smoky with a soft base under the smoke.

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