November 2, 2015

Summit Glacier Sojourn

Ski touring up the Crow Pass Trail to the top of Summit Glacier is an arduous trek, but the autumn powder on the glacier is a just reward.

Jewel Mountain - South Face
The north face of Jewel is not quite skiable yet. The Jewel permanent snowfield has shrunk, but the northerly aspect and prevailing winds may yield a worthy run this season before the avalanche hazard makes it off limits.
Jewel North Face
Yours truly stayed on the safer Summit side of the Jewel-Summit massif. Trudging up Summit and viewing its gaping crevasses, I wondered whether it may be safer on Jewel, after all.

Summit Glacier Crevasses - Patrick's Line
Summit Glacier Schrund
Summit was safe enough. A couple of untracked lines didn't quite erase the specter of a crevasse fall, but fresh powder kept the fear in check.
Summit Line
The terminal moraine has an excellent base. With a few 'shark teeth' protruding, the moraine had some wet snow set up really well covering most of the sharp cobbles and several inches of powder have fallen on top of the base. 
Jewel-Summit Terminal Moraine

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