March 17, 2013

Shirtsleeves on Ship Creek

It was -5F in the cold shadows of the Ship Creek Valley, but it was almost 30 degrees warmer at Indian Pass several hours later in the mid-afternoon, warm enough for shirtsleeves.  We bundled up for the hardpack wedge-a-thon from Arctic Valley Road to Ship Creek in the early morning shade, but sunshine on Ship Creek and the steady kick and glide rhythm kept the eight of us warm enough.  The A2I Trail along Ship Creek was a little gnarly with more meandering than other seasons we recalled, and there were a few sketchy ice bridges, but the conditions from Indian Pass to the Indian Trailhead were quite good, among the best we recalled.  We found 4" of sugary powder on a firm base from the pass to the lower Indian Trail.  Some of the tree wells were a little icy and rutted, but skiable with a few, very small bare patches.
It was a pleasure skiing with the good Rogers Park folks.  Yours truly is grateful for the ride and the partners.  It was so nice of Erica and Heather to taxi us around - thank you!  And thanks to Bill and Dave for staging the ski truck, too!
Turnagain Arm

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