March 24, 2013


Northeast Colorado mountain at Summit Lake, Alaska

Consider place names in the Summit Lake area:  Fresno Ridge weather station is located on Fresno.  Fresno Mine is located on Colorado mountain, and Colorado Mine is located on Summit mountain.  It all makes perfectly good sense when you consider the names of the creeks and lakes (Was that Summit Lake or Lower Summit Lake, and why is there no Upper Summit Lake?)

Emergency responders might be challenged; another reason to always be prepared for 'self rescue'.  DP tells the story about some self-rescuing southerners who, becoming lost while skiing in the Talkeetnas, called 9-1-1, followed their tracks back to their car and proclaimed a self rescue. We realized that our trips always have involved self rescue, sans 911 call, but sometimes finding ourselves lost. Lost bearings, lost causes, or lost in powder euphoria.

D2E2, Bill, and yours truly found ourselves on Colorado mountain above Lower Summit Lake where we met DP, Kyle and Rachel on the northeast Colorado NECO) trail yesterday. Snow quality was OK with 6" of fresh snow on a very firm wind crust. We found the ribs above treeline blown bare, and substantial avalanche deposited in large fans below the NECO alpine gullies between the alpine ribs. Temperatures warmed a lot during the day, and snow had begun sliding from a few of the hemlock boughs by 3 p.m.

Rachel Above Fresno Creek

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