December 2, 2012

To Go or Not to Go

Twenty-one below Fahrenheit at today's proposed trailhead.  Our instrumented, web connected, and remotely monitored world of today is... cold.  What would we do without the miracle of the modern world where we can, with a laptop and wi-fi, sit in bed and discern weather at some faw away place? 

The answer to the question is:  go and find out.  Rather than exploring the cold world on skis, I'm virtually exploring it with a keyboard and computer screen.  Am I really better off with the miracle of modern technology?  We probably agree that such technology helps us prepare better for the conditions, identify really good conditions and avoid unpleasant or really hazardous conditions...  But, I sometimes wonder whether I'm happier with remotely monitoring (and preparing for) the conditions, rather than simply going and feeling it.

After last year's record snowfall, we're grieving for the loss.  By December 1, 2011, we enjoyed 25" of snowfall in my neck of the woods, but this season we find a total of 6".  Our nearby powder vortex of Turnagain Pass presently has 18"; one year ago there was 39".  For more armchair snowpack and weather monitoring see:

Maybe an outdoor pickup hockey game is the thing to do.  The ice is in great shape!


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Hunts Alaska said...

If I were to ask, I think I won't be able to live without any technology at my place. By the way, I love your post Jack. Keep writing.