December 6, 2012

Cody's Kelowna

Kelowna, does it sound Hawaiian?  Alaska Airlines ticket agent thought so.  Sorry, it's not on the big island; it's in BC - the powder paradise of North America.
Kruser and yours truly found ourselves at Big White, Kelowna's local ski hill seeking the untracked experience.  Big White's more than a ski hill; it's 2800 patrolled acres with 2500 vertical feet of lifts accessing excellent Okanagan powder.  The Big White resort claims more than 7300 acres - it is big and it is white. 

We were so thankful that a colleague that grew up skiing Big White had shared such in-depth knowledge of the locals' stash.  Thanks to Cody's exceptional beta, we found the untracked stash and skied it and skied it until we were exhausted and could ski no more.
Hike to Cody's Stash
Kruser Enjoying Cody's Stash
Your secret's safe with us, Cody, powder seekers' honor! 

OK, maybe we told a couple of others (they were sworn to secrecy.)  mw and Doc joined Kruser and yours truly to make it a foursome on day 2.  Okanagan delivered with 3-6" fresh on mid to top of the Bullet Express where we found excellent untracked lines.  It was a great couple of days playing in the Big White powder.  And my ski bag didn't get routed through Kauai.

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