March 10, 2012

Steve Romeo Lived to Ski

Avid skier and TetonAT blogger, "RandoSteve" Romeo, and Chris Onufer were killed in avalanche near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  In his blog, "Teton AT Live to Ski", Mr. Romeo expressed an energetic exhuberence for backcountry skiing with a proliferation like few others.  It was impossible for me to align with Romeo's politics, but the passing of Romeo and Onufer was a very sad loss for our community. 

The freedom of backcountry skiing is one of the main attractions for many of us.  But, the freedom to ski to extraordinarily beautiful mountains carries the risk of avalanche.  The avalanche that killed ultra-experienced Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer is another sad reminder of the very real risks and potentially fatal consequences of skiing in avalanche country.

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