March 11, 2012

Peterson Creek

The fantastic late winter snowpack made the trip up Peterson Creek like a cake walk.  The trail is skied-in well with apparently a dozen or so old tracks in the past week, and 8 backcountry powder seekers in the drainage today.  J-Rock, Jesse, Matt and yours truly enjoyed one of those trips where weather, snow and terrain came together in a way that will endure in our memories of great ski days.
Jesse in Powdermania

We skied to the glacial headwaters of Peterson Creek and ascended a couloir too steep to skin.
An avalanche had flowed down a half mile of the upper reaches of Peterson Creek at a relatively low inclination, roughly 15 degrees.  The momentum and force of the slide to flow so far at a low angle was shocking.
Turnagain Arm

Matt Liking It
Jon Landing It

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