April 17, 2011

Swiss Bowlagain

Geno and yours truly found the powder aspect again in Swiss Bowl.  But, great conditions in the South Fork country were a little less widespread after another week of bright blue skies and spring time sunshine.

There is still some avalanche activity as a hapless couple discovered as they traversed below a sun-baked slope.  One skier was beyond the path, but the other skier had to run for it as it came down.  This same pair had earlier dug a couple of holes at the top of the shaded run, but skied down elsewhere.
The experience of the two skiers digging and (I assume) analyzing the snow pack on a shady aspect, and then triggering a slide on a dissimilar, sunny aspect was thought provoking.
Geno and I avoided the sunny slopes and skied as much shady powder as we could find.

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