April 18, 2011

Summit Lake Springtime

From Hatcher Pass to Summit Lake, spring skiing 2011 in southcentral Alaska has redeemed the February/March dry spell with sunny powder days.  Aspect at this latitude is not much of a consideration until the spring equinox passes.  Now, nearly a month beyond the equinox, aspect is everything to powder preservation at the common backcountry skiing elevations here; 1000 to 4000 ft.
Tenderfoot Ridge Northwest Face

DP and yours truly found the shady sweet spot on Tenderfoot Ridge at Summit Lake under mostly sunny skies.  We discussed whether to call this TelePete's Line; made a good case for it.

DP Tracking TelePete's Line
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Dante said...

Sahweet! Send me the high-res and this will surely show up on the bookface!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dante- thanks for even thinking of me....that is a very special line. I'm glad that you and Jack got to hit it. Karl has lots of lines on it as well. There was plenty of corn to be had today.