March 20, 2011

Party Train

Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage resurrected the party train to Curry on a perfect day with blue skies, calm winds and mild temperatures.  Hundreds of folks packed the train with skis, snowshoes, food and beverages for the festive Anchorage-Curry day trip.  We started rolling north at 7 a.m.  

The ridges above treeline at Curry were bereft of snow, apparently vanquished by wind and sun.  After the recent drought and witnessing the bare ridges up high, we were delighted by the beautiful touring and telemarking conditions in the birch forest north and east of Curry and Deadhorse Creek.  We found a 3-foot pack of sugary snow with varying amounts of crust, occasionally thick and strong, but most often a very thin veneer that was barely perceptable on the descent.  Bettyjane, Geno, Josh, Daniela, Eruk and yours truly skinned up above the Susitna River for 2-1/2 hours and back down to the train for its 4 p.m. departure.
Deadhorse Creek Crossing

Geno Genuflecting
Yours Truly Telemarking
Yours Truly Aldermarking

Climbing the first couple of hundred feet vertical just above the valley floor was tedious, but worth the effort to reach the bench above Curry for a well deserved refreshment.
We had a wonderful 13-hour trip to Curry and back, but I have a yearing to return to Grandview.

Photocredits:  Bjane & Eruk

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