March 8, 2011

Armchair Traversing

Proposed variation on Bomber Traverse:  I believe this route was the 1980's classic.  It seems better to go up the Little Su and down the Pennyroyal Glacier, then up the Bomber Gl. and down Reed Lakes.  It But, wasn't the 80's standard route was up Reed Lakes and down Little Su?

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wfinley said...

That route is a common summer route. Many people do the summer traverse in 3 days and opt to come out Bomber Pass. There's no bushwhack and you get to see the Bomber. In the winter lots of people opt to continue onto the Snowbird becuase the snowbird hut and skiing is awesome, there's no bushwhack and the ave danger isn't as bad. Not sure about direction - but I think it's much funner to ski down from the Snowbird then ski up that valley. The flat slog out the Mint trail is a blister fest.