April 3, 2010

South of South Fork

Clear skies without wind means powder preservation in shady north facing bowls. I saw this bowl from afar a couple of days ago from South Fork North Bowl, and had to go back and see it up close.

The valley of the South Fork of Eagle River is a splendid scene with upland hemlock and subalpine flora gradually giving way to the alpine. Of course, this time of year the valley is blanketed with a shimmering snowpack in the bright long days of spring. So sorry, I didn't catch an image; camera is being repaired. Android captured the image above, not bad for a phone.

The route to the southern bowls requires a little extra work. This place is well worth the effort with conditions such as today: boot top untracked snow. It's not always like that; sometimes, the wind just won't leave it alone.

Is this place part of the Anchorage Front Range? It shares a ridge with Rendezvous at Arctic Valley. For the proposal list: South Fork to Indian traverse via the saddle near the southern bowls. There is a beautiful line unfettered with brush all the way to Ship Creek from the saddle, or for that matter the peak just south of the saddle. The west face holds snow and would provide a terrific start for the Ship Creek traverse.

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Matt J said...

We call the bowl on the east side of the ridge, "Swiss Bowl". That usually holds good corn snow until mid-May. Nice job!