April 24, 2010

Because the Sky Is Blue

The snow is soft.

Northerly aspects were powdery on Tenderfoot Ridge, and others were sun-crusted in the morning and warmed for perfect corn skiing in the afternoon, while other slopes collapsed under their own weight in the sun and fell down the mountain. Clear skies on a long spring day were perfect for a trip to the end of Tenderfoot Ridge.

DP and Jared met up with Geo and yours truly at the headwaters of Butcher Creek and Tenderfoot Creek. And, what a day we had the next.

TelePete joined us for the 1st ascent.

Geo was happy all day long. Perhaps that one particularly heinous booter was an exception.

Jared ski cut it, and went for it.
DP's contrail
Geo's contrail

Powder in the shade, corn in the sun. Ascending the corn side was a hot sweatfest!

Happy Geo

DP and Jared stayed a little longer. Farewell my friends; it was hard to leave.

Geo and I took the ridge route, and Dante and Jared to took the valley route in and out. Both worked really well.

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Brandon said...

What an awesome powder snow! I saw my brother's pictures having a great time, skiing with his friends in Mammoth Mountain last year. It was almost like the same scenes as you have showed in your post. Moreover, I remember him telling me that he often stays in Eagle Lodge Area Mammoth condos with the rest of the group because the scenery is breath-taking and they have fantastic accommodations. Thanks for the excellent post!