December 29, 2009

Secret of Summit Lake

The secret shown to me by Pete must be kept, but this preserved powder can be found in the Summit Lake region. The secret is right there for all to behold. Ya gotta go to know.

And even if you do go, the super secret stash remains out of sight, hidden. Tucked behind a ridge out of sight is a classic alpine bowl, crowned with rock outcrop, and reigning above a perfect glade. Scaling the ridge for 2 hours, I had no clue there existed a beautiful bowl over the horizon until I followed Pete's traverse around the ridge and into it. Awestruck, I had to stop and stare. Today, the hidden bowl was slightly windlicked, so after one run there, we skied on the front side where the snow was sweeter. The super secret stash will have to wait.

A hard rain crust exists up to 1600 ft el, and sugary snow above. Snow above 3000 ft el was very hard. The sweet spot today could be found between 1700 and 2800 ft.