December 6, 2009

Lips at Turnagain

Lucy, Eruk, and yours truly tested the Lips today. Snow in the alpine had been worked by the wind, but careful selection yielded boot-top bliss. We gave up on Lips and crossed Spokane Creek above its gorge to try the glades on Pete's North.

Enthralled with Pete's North glades, we couldn't stop and skied to the precipice above Spokane Creek gorge. We backtracked a bit, and made our way through the hemlock forest to the road. Snow in the forest was crunchy as usual. It was an adventurous new route for all of us, one I would like to repeat.

Like a few other aspects around Turnagain Pass, evidence of a slide was apparent on a northwest-facing aspect above Pete's North glades. Exposed rocks with rubble about 500 ft vertical below; the debris appeared to be weathered as if it had been there a few days.

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