June 28, 2009


RR, PT, and yours truly launched from Whittier bright and early. The stiff breeze and chop gave way to brilliant sunshine and calm waters of Prince William Sound. We dropped the shrimp pots in Passage Canal, and headed to the rock fishing grounds.

Watching the eagles, sea lions, and dall porpoises in the sunshine made the trip all the better, and the rock fishing was good. RR and PT had the touch. I even managed to do a little catching.

Exhausted, we returned to the pots near Whittier and pulled them from the canal in a gale while being pelted with giant raindrops. Quite a shock after the sunshine of Prince William Sound. I guess it always is $#1++ier in Whittier.

No lunch break when there's fish to be caught!

The good Captain RR

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