June 23, 2009

Life 101

Post no. 101 is reminiscent of freshman pursuits. Summer arrived and to spring, we bid adieu, a fond farewell. But it is merely a temporary good-bye until we greet the next cycle of melting snow and greening mountains.

So good is summer. Salmon are well on their way to sow their seed, Chinook and Sockeye, soon to be followed by the Pink, Chum and Coho. The geese have passed on, and the robins have arrived. Spindly new-born moose calves and toddling baby bear cubs have become more sure-footed, though still wary.

A verdant viewscape has gradually grown and our winter world of white, except for a few reminders in the shadiest gullies, is free from its frozen facade. Free to grow green.

And, the now green mountains beckon. They beckon when they're white, but it's a different calling. The greening of the mountain is a repeated birth. Bright flowers promise the succulent berry and the bees' honey. Growth and rebirth.

The sun also rises. So early, and then much later, long alights the underside of the clouds in a brilliant spectrum orange to deep purple on its gradual farewell - ah, the high latitudes at the soltstice!

10:15 p.m.
an hour and a half before sunset

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