April 2, 2009

A Fresh Foot

A fresh foot, and I didn't ski it...
yet. Falling 4 days ago, the spring weather has taken its toll. Afterall, it is breakup.

Breakup is that time of year when the days become longer than the nights. The aperture of great snow begins its gradual reduction. Starting at the south and working its way east and west like hands on a clock slowly rotating in opposite directions toward the north, the freeze-thaw crust evolves toward corn. And Breakup is when Anchortown transforms from white to green, passing through brown.

My colleague reported great conditions on Peak 3 a couple of days ago. He asked if it was my solitary tracks on Wolverine and Near Point. Alas, it was not. Crying over unskied powder will never create the perfect climb, the perfect line, the perfect day.

So, get it when it's there.

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