April 5, 2009


Eddy's had perfect spring skiing today with blue skies, no wind, moderate temperatures and POWDER! After the exceptional conditions on Max's yesterday, I searched for a similar aspect and found Eddy's to be nearly parallel to the exceptional Max's line.

There is a nice trail from Eddy's lower parking area (Seward mile 72.5). This was my first time venturing to Eddy's from the lower lot. I really enjoyed this route; at about 400 ft el., it is 300 ft vert lower than the other access (Seward mile 71.2), but it has great cover at this time of year and the trail is easy to follow.

The summit had not been skied since the last storm, and an apparent natural avalanche had run a few hundred vertical feet in the summit bowl. So, it was with trepidation I skinned to the summit from the north ridge. Tried the south ridge, but it just didn't feel right, so I made a short run and made my way over the north ridge.
Eddy's bowl from the north ridge.

Eddy's aspect proved to be a match with Max's

Premium POWDER!

Thanks to the two ladies who helped steer me to the powder!

There were about 8 skiers including yours truly on Eddy's today. The untracked experience was easy to find.

Eddy's glades

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