November 22, 2008

Winner Creek

With a gimpy leg, time to adjust my gear. Jim at the Girdwood Ski & Cyclery did a great job punching out my Scarpa's. Toe box was a tad narrow and I really want to keep the new set of big toe nails I'm growing. Girdwood Ski & Cyclery is a friendly dog kind of place - no fewer than 5 wagging tails outside, and a great place to get your foot beds, boot fitting, and assortment of ski and bike stuff.

So while in GW, I thought why not test my sore leg with my trusty rugged touring set up (Fischer Outtabounds Waxbase with Salomon nnnbc bindings & boots). Up and back Winner Creek Trail. Even the dog lover that I am, I got a little steamed after getting bit on the way back down the Winner Creek Trail. Dog's mistress couldn't control her, let her run loose on the trail, dog bit me, dog got a solid poke with a ski pole and let go, poor thing. Anyway it was a great hour and a half ski - Turnagain tommorrow.

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