November 29, 2008

Arctic Valley

Turk will be happy. No wimpy Alpenglow at Arctic Valley in this blog. It's just plain old Arctic Valley: frigid, bleak, windswept, treeless Arctic Valley. Could have used some trees today in the white room with black curtains. But after getting that first down track in, the others really flowed with plenty of good quality snow. Rendezvous snow was sweet; a little windy at the top (can you believe it, Rondy summit, windy?) and Rondy took only one bite of p-tex. Under the long lift (Chair 2) was better.

By the way, I noticed the Anchorage Ski Club website has reverted to "Arctic Valley" as the ski area name, perhaps it's been that way for awhile. Website refers to the Alpenglow Lodge. The alpenglow at Arctic Valley really can create an inspirational experience.

No activity at the lodge or lifts. It's terrific that we have Arctic Valley, and its wonderful alpine access! I truly appreciate the volunteers of the Anchorage Ski Club that keep the Alpenglow (oops, sorry Turk) Arctic Valley enterprise going, and the people who keep the road open (I think it is the US Army Fort Richardson). It is a terrific service to the community.

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