May 31, 2014

Susitna Rainbow

Yours truly witnessed the annual metamorphasis of Johnny Rocketship to Johnny Master Angler in waters that originated as powder in the Talkeetnas. Was it possible that the waters we waded were a continuum of the powder we skied?
The Susitna Valley is home to some beautiful fish, some call it the Leopard Rainbow.

Johnny Angler tempted the fish with what appeared to be the perfect morsel. These fish had a lot of energy and the swift water provided plenty of power to help them put up a fair fight. The 'bows were not worse for the wear as they returned to their lairs to lie in wait, ready to pounce on unlucky smolt migrating to the sea.

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Stacey Beck said...

Going fishing in Alaska is one of my dreams. I would love to go with my dad one day and just tour Alaska and fish. It looks so beautiful there!