January 11, 2014

Delia Creek, Alaska

The Mint Trailhead is one of the six significant parking areas in the Hatcher Pass area. D2E2 and yours truly followed the Arkose Ridge uptrack option. Each of the six Hatcher parking areas, plus a few smaller pullouts, have multiple uptrack options, and each uptrack option has several descent options.
We skinned up toward the headwaters, dropped off the west face and skied down to Delia Creek. There are hundreds of potential lines on each side of Delia Creek.  We skinned across the creek and up the ridge west of Delia Creek. I was slightly hobbled by a heel piece failure of my Dynafit FT binding.
Free the Heel, Free the Mind
The snow was so good, descending with one free heel was easy and fun.
Diana in Delia Creek
Winds were calm, temperatures were in the low teens. Sky was mostly cloudy, but the clouds opened a few times for some exceptional light.

We saw some debris from an apparent natural avalanche that likely triggered from a ~40-degree slope, but no movement. We skied on 30-degree, or less, slopes.

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