November 29, 2013

Goldcord Peak

With the thermometer registering below zero Fahrenheit, rallying in the morning darkness of late November seemed too ambitious. As I contemplated the alternatives of staying in bed and warmly dozing in the darkness, or getting up and dressing in 3 or 4 layers for a subzero ski trip, the memory of deep snow at Hatcher Pass took hold of my consciousness.
Yours Truly with Goldcord Peak Backdrop
Near Goldcord Peak Summit
Lap 2

Should we call the day after Thanksgiving, white Friday - a day to ski?

We made it to Goldcord Peak as a 6-man rally.  We skied incredibly good snow on the west aspect and the south aspect.
J-Rock Enjoying the View Atop Goldcord Peak

Photocredits:  Kruser & Yours Truly

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