September 2, 2013

Esquiadores de Alaska en Chile

Kruser, Doc, and yours truly found August snow and the Andean sun at Tres Valle, Chile. Ensconced at Powder Lodge in Farellones, we made day trips to La Parva and Valle Nevado, skiing  back to Farellones each evening to the warm Chileno ambiance created by Christian, Patricio, and Natalia.

Doc, Guillermo, Davidisimo, and yours truly left the lifts and ascended Cerro Pintor, a 13700-ft peak in the El Plomo range.  It was a fantastic tour with more lateral than vertical, but some good snow protected in the Pintor shadows.
Doc Pointing the Way
Red Up, Green Down around Cerro Pintor
Tres Hombres con El Plomo
Cliffs of Pintor

Yours truly returned to Cerro La Parva (the La Parva near Tres Valle, not the glaciated peak above Laguna del Inca near Portillo) for a solo trip.  Mucho viento y corteza nieve!  Not great conditions on Cerro La Parva, but it was good to look around from her summit.
La Parva Summit

Hoping this slot would have soft snow did not make it so. Hard scrtichy snow with some breakable thaw-freeze crust created a tricky descent with exposure to rocks below, and called for survival skiing mode.

Thank you Lera, Patricio, Nady at Powder Lodge and everyone at Tres Valle for a great time!

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