February 16, 2013

South Fork, North Bowl

Didn't get shot, that was good.  And skied a lot of powder, that was better.

A dozen skiers, 2 ptarmigan hunters and yours truly found cold smokey snow in the North Bowl area above the South Fork trail head of Chugach State Park.

The ptarmigan hunters apologized about firing in my direction, and I actually was oblivious of 22 caliber rifle rounds buzzing by.  No harm, no foul.  In a most polite way, the feminine half of the hunting pair said that just too many people come there these days, and that they can't shoot where they want.  I replied that I've skied there for 25 years and never got shot; lucky, I guess.

Breezy (10-30 mph) and cold (5-10F) all day.  Light and dry Chugach fluff was laying in the gulleys, and rimey wind pack was barely covering the ridges.  A cornice is building on the North Bowl summit. Skiing was excellent on lee slopes.

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