April 8, 2012


Celebrating the biggest Anchorage seasonal snowfall on record, DP and yours truly explored an Anchorage front range gem:  Kanchee. 
Kanchee access via The Dome is a moderate day trip with the great snow conditions we've enjoyed this season.
Four fresh inches falling yesterday and sunny skies opening this morning over the front range were motivation enough.  But, the beatiful Kanchee Peak so prominent on the Anchorage skyline has been like a siren beckoning us to her rocky perch.  We had to go.

Arriving at the Kanchee summit, we had only one choice:  descend! 
Kanchee has excellent northwest lines.   The fresh four had fallen on hard wind pack or thaw/freeze, supportable crust.  Slough management was necessary on the steeper terrain.

The lower trail near Campbell Creek North Fork was slushy at 4:00 p.m. as we descended.  Powder up high was terrific.  We expected the snow down low to become rotten in the late afternoon, but we were happily surprised with good conditions all the way to the creek.

Photocredits:  Dante & yours truly

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Sew Dutch said...

nice, was working this weekend but great minds think alike and i immediately got out the binoculars and saw your tracks. nice work. (if you didn't i would have)