February 12, 2012

Hatcher Foothills

A human lifetime, a flashing blip on a geologic timescale, can just sort of slip by you on a life scale.  Ascending the skin track shifts the life frequency from a high pitched harmonic to a one breath after another, one step at a time meditation.  The skin track culminates with a shift from ascent to descent, a discontinuity, from a breath-to-breath rhythmic ascent to a turn-to-turn exhilerating descent, up to down, slow to fast.  The uptrack might be the means to the end, or it can be that rhythmic step-by-step freedom to go where your legs, lungs, and longing will take you. 

AK HW and yours truly ascended the Talkeetna foothills below 4068 and rode the soft snow back down.  Under blustery skies, winds picked up at the brush-tundra margin.  Snow quality for the descent was stale, wind-affected yet soft.  Warm winds have moved the snow and created a very thin veneer, tricky, but skiable and enjoyable. 

Ascending above Hatcher Pass Road towar 4068
Down the Meadows below 4068
A busy schedule has kept her out of the ski track, but she rode her planks like second nature.

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