January 7, 2012

Windshield Time, No Thanks

A long time ski buddy, RK, wants to go.  Go skiing?  Of course.  With powder in the Anchorage front range, why spend windshield time to drive elsewhere?  So, the Stoke Brothers met on the Propsect Heights-Near Point trail, RK came from Prospect and yours truly from Stuckagain, to ski up the Anchorage Hillside.  RK and yours truly both ski on Dynafit Stokes, a very sweet ski with an exceptional combination of climbing and descending properties. 

We skied up to the Rusty saddle, and back down to the Prospect Heights-Near Point Trail, a 2000-ft descent with a lot of powder.  This is a great run in Anchorage's backyard of Chugach State Park.  RK needed to get back, so he skied back to Prospect Heights, and I started the ski home.  But, the need for powder and the fresh snow on Near Point were too much to resist.

The Near Point summit called, and I obeyed the mountain commandment.  It was a fulfilling trip, a nice rock-free descent, well worth the work.  On the trail home, I met Sam 'n Fran, a couple of neighbors/ski buddies.  It was unanimous:  we're having a great winter with more powder on the way!

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