August 21, 2009

Anchorage Hillside Single Track

Batting one thousand in baseball is a mathematic figment, but a statistically insignificant possibility. Yet, my survey on the Anchorage Hillside Single Track Phase 1 is unanimous, albiet anectdotal. Hillside Single Track bats 1000 and packs a very ridable, thrilling and fun set of 3 loops into a surprisingly small area.

Doc & Mrs. Snow were on the trails yesterday evening with another 100 cyclists including yours truly spread out over the system. Again it was unanimous that these trails are fantastic!

The trails are exceptionally well designed for mountain biking with mostly easy ascending gradients. High speeds on a motocross-like surface combine with limited line of sight for some thrilling descents where keeping both wheels on the ground is optional. And the many high-banked turns are fast and fun.

Keep an eye out for moose, bears, hikers, and uphiller bikers and enjoy this Anchorage jewel on the hillside.

Map of Anchorage Hillside Single Track link:


Jill said...

Hey Jack, how did I lose you guys? Anyway, good to run into you on the trails and thanks for taking care of that moose for me!


Alaska Jack said...

Nice to run into you, too, Jill. And your 4-legged buddy. Can't take any credit on driving the moose away - he was gone by time we got there.

Hope we get a few more riding days, but if we don't... See ya on the ski trails!

Alaska Robb said...

Dr. Snow says you might be getting a little present this week... POWDER!!