July 3, 2009

Day One: Byron Glacier

With a backstop time, we opted for a short trip. Byron Glacier has snow at 400-ft elevation, and had potential to take us up to its summit at 4700 ft el.

Kruser & I hiked a mile or so, then skinned another mile to its ice fall.
Crampons were necessary to skirt the ice fall, so we opted to ski back.

Enough snow was probably available a week or two prior to provide a ski route up lookers' right, but too much tilted blue ice was exposed today; so, cramponless, we decided to live to ski another day.

Kruser declared the new season! Old snow, new season marked by the summer solstice.

I suppose he's earned the right to make such declarations. This seasonal Day One toggled the count to 274 consecutive months of skiing in Kruser's quest to live to ski, ski to die.

Riding 2 Planks with wind in his helmetless hair on Day One, Month 274.

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Chugach Man said...

Go Kruse!! Man, those months are racking up...